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Field and office work

The «Institute of Environmental Survey, Planning and Assessment» conducts a wide range of ecological research in the water areas: e.g. integral impact assessment, scientific and experimental development.

Our specialists execute a full range of environmental engineering surveys on the marine shelf and areas adjacent to the coastline in accordance with current legislation and guidelines of the client. Environmental monitoring and control is implemented in the oil and gas industry in marine areas during the construction, operation and abandonment of the objects.

The works which might comprise marine expeditions are:

  • oceanographic research;
  • water and air sampling and preparation;
  • bottom sediments sampling for grain size distribution and physicochemical analysis;
  • bottom sediments and water sampling for contaminant analysis and radiation security assessment;
  • biotoxicity, sanitary and epidemiological analises;
  • water sampling for microbiological and zooplanktonic analysis;
  • benthos sampling;
  • ship observations for marine mammals and birds;
  • monitoring implementation with application of remotely operated vehicles and diving’s methods for geoecological monitoring or supervision of pipes and underwater sections of drilling platforms.

Office and laboratory-based types of work:

  • elaboration of the programmes of environmental monitoring and nature conservation documentation;
  • laboratory chemical-analytical and grain-size distribution research;
  • processing and analysis of the study materials;
  • integral assessment of environmental state of the survey area;
  • elaboration of the preliminary forecast of impact on environment;
  • elaboration of the proposals for the programme of local environmental monitoring during the construction and operation periods;
  • satellite monitoring and analysis of satellite images;
  • creation of computer cartographic database of environmental engineering surveys;
  • preparation and design of the report on environmental engineering surveys.

Furthermore, collaborative work with the specialists of Lomonosov Moscow State University and other establishments of RAS and RosGidroMet entails the conducting of applicable scientific works in the environmental protection sphere of the marine shelf.

Works on data collection and analysis:

  • historical overview of expeditions and research;
  • assessment of current state of environment (descriptions of coastal area, the open sea, benthos and plankton communities, marine birds and mammals);
  • lists of protected species and information on the population areas and life cycles;
  • general characteristic of marine bottom landscapes, description of the basic biota.

Scientific research works:

  • research on Red List of endangered Arctic zone species;
  • monitoring of marine birds and mammals;
  • remote sensing and monitoring of distribution of marine bottom communities.

 The company «MSU Analytical Centre» has participated in:  

  • research on the rocks of the Bazhenovskaya formation in Western Siberia in order to increase the resource area of oil extraction;
  • project definition study of remote environmental research in Far North;
  • implementation of engineering survey for construction of crude oil loading terminal in Far East;
  • compilation of an allocation map of biotopes and gas-saturated rocks of Kandalaksha Gulf on the White Sea;
  • creation of viable technical solutions for development of marine oil and gas deposits and engineering surveys during the design of underwater pipelines;
  • the project «Seismic-acoustic surveys along the trace of a projected oil pipeline from Filanovskoye deposit (The Caspian Sea)». The client - Institute of Oceanology RAS, general customer – the company «Lukoil».
  • the project «Processing and interpretation of 3D-seismic data of the top of the profile with the purpose of studying the development of hydrate rocks, prediction of physical characteristics, determination of  possible difficulties at the time of drilling». The client – OOO «RN-Shelf-South».
  • the project «Quality control of 3D-seismic data processing in Tuapsinskiy and Western-Black-Sea licensed blocks in order to obtain temporary and deep-sea cubes».


Marine survey