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Landscape design and architecture

The «Institute of Environmental Survey, Planning and Assessment» performs the complete set of operations concerning the survey and design work:

  • pre-design investigations (elaboration of the alternative design decisions);
  • working design that comprises the information on construction management, road traffic organization, environmental protection, engineering measures on civil defense, prevention of emergency situations and maintenance of the living standard of people with limited mobility;
  • working documentation;
  • ratification of pre-design documentation and design project, receiving State Expertise approval.

The company specializes in the elaboration of the following types of projects:

  • integrated site improvements and gardening; engineering communications;
  • hydro-technical utilities;
  • objects of transport infrastructure;
  • land planning (urban planning documentation).

During the implementation of the integrated site improvements the full range of tools of landscape and garden architecture, sculptural provision of relief and lightning are used to accomplish the project. Landscape design is performed with consideration for the history of the place, natural conditions and the architectural situation.

The «Institute of Environmental Survey, Planning and Assessment» implements landscape design work for urban territories, Special Protected Natural Areas, recreational and sporting infrastructures. The company is engaged in such projects as ecological remediation, recovery and conservation of landscapes, unique natural objects and monuments of garden and park art.

Within the framework of environmental education activity, our company can develop or elaborate ecological itineraries and excursion materials inside protected natural areas.

In Moscow the «Institute of Environmental Survey, Planning and Assessment» executes the design activity of integrated site improvements and gardening in compliance with the requirements of Russia (MGSN 1.02-02 and MGSN1.01-99), proceeds as a Client during the ratification of the design and estimate documentation, provides the procurement of the positive decision of Moscow state independent expertise and implements the supervision.

Our company has participated in the following works:

  • construction of the natural site № 74-SVAO, which is located in the floodplain of the Chermyanka river, № 85-SVAO in the valley of the Yauza river (Moscow);
  • beautification of garden squares in Moscow;
  • environmental protection gardening near metro stations in Moscow.

Design of buildings and structures