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Scientific research and projects

The company executes scientific and technological practices in the following areas:

  • applied scientific research is conducted when receiving new data and putting it into practice to support decision-making of technological and engineering concerns, procurement of geotechnical systems, management of land-use and Special Protected Natural Areas and elements of ecological structure of the residential and industrial objects;
  • experimental scientific research in ecological project management and allied areas, development of the methods of engineering surveys;
  • process modelling of pollutants migration and prediction of their distribution in the natural environment;
  • execution of an examination of scientific results in geoecology, environmental management and related fields;
  • gas-geochemical studies of the bottom layers of marine waters.

Our specialists participate as joint contractor in fundamental scientific research, performed by scientific organizations-partners, take courses on career enhancement, collaborate with educational organizations, publish received results in special media.

Examples of work, implemented by our specialists are include the following:

  • Elaboration and performance of trial works on pattern analysis of new gas-analytical  equipment in laboratory conditions for implementation of works in fluid media;
  • Three-dimensional computer modelling of explosion waves during the explosion of the reactor section of a hydro-treating system;
  • Ecological forecasts using of remote server-based computing;
  • Software for calculating technological properties of the tubular gas-selective membranes derived from different modes of formation of the polymer coatings at the different structural basis;
  • Design and production of the tubular gas-selective membranes.


Monitoring and scientific research