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Hydrometeorological engineering

In compliance with SP 11-103-97 hydrometeorological engineering survey aims to provide a comprehensive study of hydrometeorological baseline conditions and prediction of possible changes in those conditions due to interactions resulting from the proposed engineering work. Hydrological, meteorological and climatological research are essential for making sound decisions concerning the construction activity.

Hydrometeorological engineering survey studies the following issues:

  • hydrological regime of rivers and temporary streams, lakes, swamps, river mouths, coastal and shelf sea zones;
  • climate conditions and certain meteorological characteristics;
  • dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena;
  • human modifications of hydrological systems and the climate.

Hydrometeorological engineering survey comprises the following types of work:

  • data collection, analysis and integration of results from previous hydrometeorological and cartographical studies;
  • baseline study of the survey area;
  • observations of hydrological regime properties and climate features;
  • research on any dangerous hydrometeorological phenomena;
  • office information processing and identification of the hydrological and meteorological characteristics;
  • preparation of the technical report.

Specialists of the «Institute of Environmental Survey, Planning and Assessment» have gained expertise in performing hydrometeorological engineering survey in the Volga, the Oka, the Moskva and the Pechora river-valleys, the Rybinsk and Istra Reservoirs, the Caspian Sea and remote areas of Siberia and the Far East regions. Among the implemented works are the following:

  • construction of the dry-cargo area of the seaport Taman (the Krasnodar Territory);
  • reconstruction of the airfield Taganrog «South» (the Rostov Region);
  • reconstruction and technical modernization of PAO «Voronezh joint-stock aircraft manufacturing company» (the Voronezh Region).

Engineering surveys for construction