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Geodetic engineering

In accordance with SP 11-104-97, geodetic engineering survey for construction activity aims to obtain information on topographic-geodesic data, local relief features, buildings and structures, located within the survey area. These data are essential for integral assessment of environmental and human-made conditions of the survey area and feasibility studies of design, construction, operation and abandonment of the objects. Also, creation and maintenance of the national cadastres, land management and conducting operations regarding the premises are implemented based on information from the geodetic engineering survey data.

The kinds of work performed in conducting geodetic engineering survey are listed below:

  • collection and processing of the survey data, obtained in preceding years, comprising topographic, cartographic and satellite information;
  • baseline study of the survey area;
  • establishment (development) of geodetic control networks of different orders and also any geodetic networks necessary for construction activity;
  • topographic mapping at a scale 1:10 000 – 1:200, including the surveying of underground and surface facilities;
  • transferring the data on the landscape and compilation of the relevant Act;
  • updating of the topographic plans at a scale 1:10 000 – 1:200 and cadaster plans in digital, graphical formats;
  • implementation of hydrogeographical works;
  • geodetic fixed-station monitoring of deformations of the surface and buildings’ foundations and rock masses in areas of natural and human-made disasters;
  • engineering and geodetic supply of GIS projects of the settlements, factories and national cadastres;
  • compilation and edition of topographic plans, atlases (in graphical and digital formats);
  • office processing of the obtained information;
  • preparation of the technical report (explanatory notes).

In addition, geodetic engineering survey for linear objects construction activity such as roads, pipelines, etc. comprises the following works:

  • office planning of the linear-type facility location for implementation of fieldwork;
  • conducting the fieldwork concerning the selection of the future location of the facility;
  • topographic survey of the pre-existing railways and roads, compilation of the profiles and intersections of the electrical transmission lines, main pipelines;
  • determination of the useful and overall length of the railways.

Specialists of the «Institute of Environmental Survey, Planning and Assessment» have extensive experience and skills to perform all types of work concerning the geodetic engineering survey. Among their successfully implemented works are the following:

  • construction of a sector of the Moscow metro;
  • reconstruction and technical modernization of the OAO «Toropov State mechanic and engineering bureau «Vympel» (the Astrakhan Region).

Engineering surveys for construction