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Environmental engineering

In compliance with SP 11-102-97, environmental engineering survey is implemented for assessment of the present-day environmental conditions and prediction of environmental changes appearing as a result of anthropogenic impact. It aims to avoid, minimize or remove the hazardous or unfavorable ecological consequences and prevent possible related negative social, economic and other damage, so conserving optimum living conditions of the population.

Environmental engineering survey and research are conducted in accordance with established procedures for implementing the design and surveying work that is carried out during the phased study of the ecological feasibility of planned industrial activity. These works are required in elaboration of the following types of documentation:

  • pre-investment;
  • urban planning;
  • pre-design;
  • design.

Environmental engineering survey and research must be prolonged, if it is relevant, during the construction, operation or demolition phases of building a facility. This work is conducted by monitoring the effects of the engineering on the relevant natural environment, efficiency of protective and environment-oriented measures and dynamics of the ecological situation.

The Programme of an environmental engineering survey is composed in accordance with the Client’s (investor’s) Statement of Work and based on the applicable regulations on engineering surveys for construction activity.

Environmental engineering survey comprises the following types of work:

  • collection, processing and analysis of published or archive data on environmental conditions;
  • image interpretation of various types of satellite observations;
  • route observations, providing the data on description of flora, fauna and geological or landscape features as well as conditions of land and water systems, sources and signs of pollution;
  • study of mining excavations to obtain information on ecological conditions;
  • hydrogeological investigations;
  • soil surveys;
  • geoecological sampling and assessment of air, soils and subsoils, ground and surface water contamination;
  • chemical analytical laboratory research;
  • assessment of the radiation situation in certain places;
  • soil vapour surveys;
  • assessment of the physical impact;
  • flora and fauna research;
  • economic and social research;
  • epidemiological and biomedical research;
  • fixed monitoring station measurements (environmental monitoring);
  • office processing of the information obtained and report preparation.

The function and the relevancy of the certain types of work as well as their interchangeability and combination with other types of surveys are established in the Programme of environmental engineering survey. Types of work indicated in the Programme depend on the kind of construction, level of responsibility according to Russian current legislation, peculiarities of natural and anthropogenic circumstances, the amount of information gathered by previous studies and the phase of the planning and surveying work.

The survey data can be used for elaboration of the ecological documentation on the different phases of the design work.

The «Institute of Environmental Survey, Planning and Assessment» implements all types of work, involved in environmental engineering survey. Among such works performed are the following:

  • extension of a united gas transmission system for gas supply in the pipeline «The South Stream» (the Nizhni Novgorod Region, the Republic of Mordovia, the Saratov region, the Volgograd Region, the Rostov Region, the Krasnodar Territory);
  • construction of a marine section of South European gas pipeline (Russian, Turkish and Bulgarian sectors of the Black Sea);
  • construction of the main gas pipeline «Sakhalin - Khabarovsk - Vladivostok» (the Khabarovsk Territory);
  • construction of the Cancun HPS on the Timpton river (Yakutia);
  • replacement of the final section of the main oil pipeline Yaroslavl - Moscow, 283 km - 314 km (Moscow, the Moscow Region).

Engineering surveys for construction